My name is Eileen Walsh and I want you to

Ask yourself this one question:

"How much longer in life do I want to go on suffering from the pain of migraines?"

Most would say, "not another day - and ask for a miracle."

Miracles can happen, but here is a proven way to end your migraines.

First you must be willing to give us six weeks. If you will, we will guarantee to make your life better by reducing your migraine problems to near zero.

Why six weeks? Within six weeks time most people go through at least one full cycle of migraines. We want you to know the benefits of Migraine Defense and that our prevention program works for you through a typical migraine cycle. We are dead serious about our work to end your migraines. This is a joint venture with you.

You will be amazed at how much better you feel, how well you sleep and most of all, how few headaches you have at the end of just six weeks.

It's that simple - you make the commitment, be all in - we commit to you - and your life will change.

Total cost is $89.00, which includes six weeks supply of Tuliv Migraine Defense, three month supply of Tuliv MD-UP, your full migraine profile workup with recommendations and free consulting service and follow-ups.

Your part is to take Tuliv Migraine Defense each day as directed, complete the online profile, review recommendations, keep a diary and visit with one of our trained migraine professional consultants, by phone or email, at least three times during the six weeks.

That is a small price (less than the $2 cost of a daily cup of coffee) and little time to pay for a better life and future without migraines.

After that, the cost is $59.95 per month ($2 a day) for Tuliv Migraine Defense. Consultation is always free.

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