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Money Back “Guaranteed to Work” Policy for Tuliv Migraine Defense 

If, after consistently using Tuliv Migraine Defense as directed for six weeks, your migraine pattern has not improved by becoming less frequent, less severe, or of shorter duration, then you may be entitled to a refund within 60 days of purchase. To receive a refund, you must return all Migraine Defense bottles from your initial order, including bottles that are empty, partially used, and unopened, along with your completed six-week diary. Our “Guaranteed to Work” policy is to refund up to the amount you paid for your first two bottles of Tuliv Migraine Defense. No refunds are made for any product(s) sent free or without cost to you as part of any offer. The amount of refund may be reduced by the amount of any special discount or rebate given as part of purchase. Any additional unopened bottles of products purchased may be returned for refund. All requests must be made within 60 days of order ship date. Product reorders are assumed to be indications that Tuliv Migraine Defense is providing the benefits as stated above and voids any further refunds as part of the “Guaranteed to Work” policy. No other warrantees or guarantees are made or valid.

Tuliv Product Refund Policy

We will give a full refund for unopened Tuliv products that are returned in good condition and with all three seals intact, including outer cellophane seal, pull tab ring on cap, and the seal under the cap. Be certain to read the full list of ingredients printed on the panel of each product, including the "Other Inactive Ingredients" as there is no return of products due to conflicts with allergens known to user.

There is no refund for opened bottles of any product except for the Tuliv Migraine Defense product under the conditions stated above.

Before ordering any Tuliv product(s) for someone other than yourself, be certain that the other person is willing and able to take the product as directed. When ordering Tuliv Migraine Defense for a third party other than your child, we reserve the right to limit the refund to only unopened products that are returned with all three seals intact and void other guarantees and warrantees stated herein.

All refund requests must be made by returning product(s) or bottles within 60 days of our original ship date.

Accepted refunds will be made by either credit to the credit card used in the transaction or by check. Notification is by email or with the accompanying check. Please allow six weeks for your refund to be processed.

There is no refund for shipping and handling charges. Returned auto-orders may be subject to $7.25 return fee.

Return products to:
Tuliv Ltd. Co.
PO Box 891466
Oklahoma City, OK 73189-1466

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