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    No matter your migraine pattern, no matter your stage of life, Tuliv Migraine Defense works.

    A Lifetime of Migraines

    Migraines can start any time in life, bringing with them suffering and the total disruption of an otherwise normal life. Tuliv research has identified various migraine stages that can occur at different times of life. We can use this information to develop an effective migraine prevention program for you. No matter where you are in life, we can help you become migraine-free.

    Tuliv migraine researchers interviewed more than 1,000 migraineurs in order to identify various migraine stages. See more about Tuliv research.

    Migraine Stages



    General Condition

    How Migraine Defense Helps

    Stage One

    Early Onset. The onset of migraines may start just prior to puberty or for young girls at the beginning of menses.

    If there is a family history of migraines, one may assume the child has inherited the gene for the propensity for migraines. Where no family history can be found, consider other possibilities as the cause of headaches. Always seek medical advice when in doubt.

    Many medical professionals now ignore label warnings and prescribe adult-only drug treatments that could disrupt the child's natural development and cause severe problems. A better, child-safe solution is all-natural Tuliv Migraine Defense.

    Stage Two

    Teen Years. During teen years migraines can become more consistent and occur three or more times a month. Teens may miss school and other activities.

    The migraine pattern and type of pain can differ between girls and boys. Many girls only get headaches just prior to their period, whereas boys may find they get headaches after physical activity.

    Use of Tuliv MD for the prevention of migraines allows a young person to have a more fulfilling life during school years.

    Stage Three

    Ages 20 To 40. Between the ages of 20 and 40 migraine patterns are generally stable or consistent, although there may be varying degrees of severity and duration. Men may go for years between migraines.

    Migraines generally start during this time as a result of hormonal changes. For example, women who start taking birth control or complete a pregnancy may suddenly find they get migraines.

    During these years, one may find that migraine abortive drugs, such as the triptans Imitrex and Maxalt, generally work well to stop the headache pain.

    Although a drug like Topamax may produce some benefit, it is proven to have a high incident of known health risks, especially for women.

    It makes more sense to use Tuliv Migraine Defense as a migraine prevention product since it has no known side effects and is considered safe for all ages.

    Stage Four

    After 40. After 40 can be the worse years for migraineurs. During this time, the frequency and severity level of migraines may rapidly increase,  becoming chronic daily migraines that eventually control virtually every aspect of life.

    Due to the changes in the hormone messengers that control the production of sex hormones, the pattern of migraines worsens and become very problematic.

    Unfortunately the wrong drugs—including antidepressants, addictive narcotics, and anti-seizure drugs, and hormone replacement therapy (HRT)—are often over-prescribed for migraines. They have proven to be ineffective and often introduce many unwanted side effects.

    This is a time in your life when you need to take control. Do not be afraid to make your own decisions about your health care. Even with prescription drugs, you can “just say no.”

    Migraines do not cause depression, but the drug treatments for them often do.

    It is time for you to be kind to your body and do the right thing. For migraine prevention, choose Tuliv Migraine Defense—the safe, all-natural solution.

    Stage Five

    Age 60 and beyond. Although migraines tend to decrease for many migraineurs after menopause or age 60, they can continue for many years thereafter.

    When headaches initially start for someone older than 60, a medical examination should be completed to discover the reason.

    If you have never had headaches prior to this time in your life, then you most likely are not suffering from migraines.

    Many drugs cause headaches and these are the years when many people start taking new prescriptions, including statin drugs for cholesterol.

    If you start getting headaches at this stage in life, find out the reason. Your doctor may not have read the warnings or know the side effects of the drug he or she prescribes. Be your own advocate—find the answer.

    After you have visited with a primary care provider, we invite you to call us at Tuliv (1-866-367-5953) for further discussions about headaches.

    You may discover that a simple lifestyle change could be all you need to eliminate your headaches.

    Tuliv Migraine Defense continues to deliver years of satisfying relief from migraines.

    Your Migraine Pattern

    You may feel there is no rhyme of reason to your migraines, but we can help you. Our in-depth knowledge of migraines and our years of experience in solving the worst of migraine problems are available to you. No matter how bad you feel now, be assured that we care, and we will do everything we can to help you achieve a migraine-free life.

    Start by taking advantage of our free consulting service for migraine sufferers. There is no charge for consultation by phone, and there is never any obligation to purchase anything. In only a few short minutes, you may discover more about your migraines than you have learned from a lifetime of doctor visits.

    Take advantage of this offer for free migraine consulting by calling us toll free at 1-866-367-5953 to visit with a migraine specialist. All calls are considered personal and confidential.

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