Migraine Research

In 1999, we started a privately funded migraine research project seeking to discover the underlying biological cause of the migraine condition. The culmination of many years of collaborative migraine research resulted in many new discoveries that finally lead to the development of the first migraine product that directly addresses the natural cause of migraines.

Our research brought about a new understanding of how the migraine syndrome works and provided refreshingly new answers to the question of what happens in the body to cause a migraine to occur. In addition, this research revealed the patterns of migraines at various stages in life and why migraines occur at certain times of the day.

In collaboration with migraine studies from universities and hospitals around the world, our team was able to define the factors involved in migraines:

  1. Genetic. The migraine condition is inherited as a gene found within the mitochondria of specialized cells that are capable of producing hormones. In other words, the migraine syndrome is an inherited condition, most dominantly on the maternal side. The migraine syndrome can skip generations and therefore it may be difficult to always pinpoint other family members with the migraine syndrome.
  2. Hormonal. The word hormone is derived from a Greek word that means to "set in motion." Prior to and during the occurrence of a migraine, specialized hormones called "messenger hormones" are active in the body, giving commands for the production of other hormones including progesterone, estrogen, and androgen. This hormone activity triggers the migraine syndrome that causes headaches. For this reason many migraines are cyclical in relation to the hormonal rhythms of the body. Both female and male bodies have the same hormones in different proportions.
  3. Chemical. Migraines are associated with the release of the chemicals CGRP and CGMP, inflammatory neuropeptides which cause vasodilation. The dilation of blood vessels surrounding the trigeminal nerves in the head causes the headache pain when the migraine syndrome is triggered. CGRP is created from a chemical reaction between nitric oxide and other elements. Tuliv Migraine Defense is a considered an anti-CGRP migraine product and has set the standard in this approach.
  4. Triggers. External and internal triggers set into motion chemical reactions that produce CGRP and result in headaches. Triggers contain or stimulate the production of the basic elements needed to start a migraine. Nitric Oxide, along with certain amino acids including, L-tyramine and L-arginine, are often seen as major triggers of migraines. Many foods, drinks, medications and other products become triggers by elevating nitric oxide levels in the body. See Triggers for more information.
  5. Unisex. Migraines occur in both sexes in relatively the same way and for the same reasons:
    • Both the male and female body contain the exact same types of hormones in different proportions.
    • The migraine gene is found in the DNA of both sexes.
    • Specific gland activity controls the hormone productions in both sexes.

Life Stages and Cyclical Events

Ultimately our research focused on the relationship between the hormone secretions from the pituitary gland and the correlating occurrence of migraines. It is the pituitary gland that controls many life stages and cyclical events of the body. The pituitary gland produces the hormones that start puberty, which often coincides with the initial onset of migraines. These hormones also affect a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle and pregnancy, reproductive functions, and menopause. Both men and women are affected by the fluctuation of hormones. See Migraine Stages and Patterns.

Our evidence from numerous studies indicates that these life events coincide with migraine occurrences, demonstrating that migraines are related to hormone changes or fluctuations in the body controlled by the pituitary gland. Even though these changes are controlled by the pituitary gland, that one gland itself is not the problem when it comes to migraines.

Our research concluded that a specialized migraine formula designed to manage the factors preceding a migraine could control or stop the onset of a migraine headache for both males and females. Tests proved the formula used in Migraine Defense is effective in controlling migraines.

Clinically Sound Natural Migraine Formula Stops Migraines

Steeped in biological research, Tuliv MD is the first all-natural migraine product that combats the causes of migraine, not just the symptoms. Tuliv Migraine Defense protects against the elements of migraines.

• Genetics of migraines 
• Hormones involved in migraines 
• Chemicals produced to generate migraines 
• Triggers that start the migraine syndrome 
• Gender specific cycles

Our research-driven formula does not alleviate the pain of migraines—it stops migraine headaches before they start.

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