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    Migraine Prevention for Children and Teens

    The symptoms of migraine can start early in life. Since migraine is a genetic condition, children that have a parent or other family member such as a grandparent or aunt with migraines, should be observed for the onset of such symptoms.

    During a migraine episode, a child often endures a headache that may be accompanied by nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and possible vision changes (auras). Children may also complain of pain or sinus stuffiness which is often misdiagnosed and falsely treated as sinus infection or congestion (see Sinus Migraines). Naturally, doctors should be consulted in order to rule out other serious diseases or conditions.

    As the child reaches puberty the frequency of migraines may begin to form a pattern, especially in young girls as they start menses. As the frequency or severity level of a child's migraines increases, the problem may wreak havoc on a child's quality of life and ability to take part in normal school activities. Since migraine pain can be so intense that a child often cannot think or function very well during or immediately following these episodes, school absenteeism may result.

    What is most important to understand is that there is no difference between the cause of migraines in a child and that of an adult; however, what should be of great concern is the treatment used for a child's migraines. The pharmaceutical medications prescribed today for the treatment and prevention of migraines have, for the most part, been approved for use only by adults and not for children.

    In managing migraines in children the first question should be how often does he or she suffer a migraine? If the frequency is low (less than two days per month), then it may be a matter of using OTC pain relief, such as Ibuprofen or a NASAID, along with quiet rest as the best treatment. When considering starting a child on an adult only drug that may have adverse side effects, including learning disabilities, it is important to note that migraines are a lifetime problem that can last for several decades. You may want to try a natural solution first.

    Migraine prevention in children should start with eliminating anything that may trigger a migraine episode. Although migraine triggers, as we know, are not the cause of migraines, they can be the reason for the onset of one. Since children are more prone to eat junk foods that may contain MSG or other problematic additives as well as drinks that contain artificial sweeteners, they must be taught what may lead to a migraine. When trying to determine what may be triggering a migraine, always look back at least 24 hours to review any food or activity leading to the migraine. By learning what to avoid your child may be able to reduce the number of migraines each month.

    Children who have reached the age of puberty may benefit from our all natural migraine prevention solution, Tuliv Migraine Defense. Tuliv Migraine Defense has been safely used by children for the prevention of migraines since 2005.

    Sara writes about her 15 year old daughter, "Eileen, I just wanted to let you know how well your Migraine Defense formula is working for my daughter (just like you said it would). She started taking the recommended dosage and her migraines stopped completely within two weeks. She has been able to return to school and is doing fine."

    Keeping track of your child's migraines can be an effective tool in learning what may be contributing to the problem. Print and use our Migraine Diary to help you in the process.

    Also keep in mind that your child's migraine may have been triggered by something he or she ate hours or even days ago. When your child complains of migraine symptoms, write down everything he or she consumed during the past 24 - 36 hours and compare it to what you recorded in the past. To learn more about migraine triggers see Migraine Triggers.

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