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We know how frustrating it can be to have unanswered questions or confusion about migraines. Everyone has questions about migraines:

  • "Why have my migraines gotten worse?"
  • "What can be done for my daughter?"
  • "Why do I wake up at 4 AM with a throbbing headache?"
  • "How will Migraine Defense work for me?"

For answers to these and other questions you may have about your migraines, please CALL toll free 1-866-367-5953 or contact us now online. We are here to help you. There is no cost or obligation and we promise you won't be asked to buy anything.

Visit with an Expert about Your Migraines

We have the migraine experts available to help you, including Eileen Walsh-Henry a former migraineur herself, who for the past twenty plus years has been helping clients in their pursuit to be rid of migraines. Years of nursing, where she specialized in migraine care, provided her with a front line medical education on migraine drugs, triggers, and the factors that affect migraines. Known as the "go to" migraine expert by local doctors, Eileen has helped thousands of migraine sufferers achieve a better migraine-free life.  Read more about Eileen's migraine struggles and the final end to her migraine suffering. She can answer your questions or refer you to another source.

Please call 1-866-367-5953 or Click Here to contact us online at All calls and inquiries are considered personal and confidential. There is no cost or obligation for your call and you will never be asked to purchase anything.

Personal Help For You 

We know migraines. We have years of experience working in the medical field specializing in migraine care in addition to migraine research and are available for personalized migraine consultation including a complete workup of your migraine profile. Contact us online or call 1-866-367-5953 (outside the US and Canada, call 1-405-692-4395) to visit with us.

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