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    Tuliv Approach to Migraine Prevention now Accepted and Pursued by Pharmaceutical Companies

    While researching the cause of migraines at the beginning of the last decade, the Tuliv migraine research team became aware of the presence of a chemical called calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) as the igniting element of a migraine. Understanding this, the Tuliv research team moved to the development of a migraine prevention formula that took a new approach that by controlling the production of this chemical, migraine headaches could be prevented. In 2004 a product was developed that became known as Tuliv Migraine Defense that worked on this premise. During the years since, thousands of men, women and children have benefited from this product.

    In recent news (October 19, 2011) Arteaus Therapeutics, LLC, a biotechnology development company (in association with Eli Lilly) has announced it is developing an antibody to CGRP as an  approach for the prevention of migraine headaches. This approach is very similar to that first developed by Tuliv Migraine Defense for migraine prevention.  As of yet, no other migraine prevention product or drug has been developed to the extent of Tuliv Migraine Defense in using this scientific approach.

    Tuliv Migraine Defense is sold as a dietary supplement. Although often proven to be superior in both effectiveness and safety, dietary supplements are not always treated fairly by the press and doctors who are more prone to write prescriptions for harsh drugs that produce only mediocre results, even though history shows that many of today’s drugs originated from herbal medications and natural solutions.

    The International Headache Society estimates that approximately 25% of migraine patients have three or more attacks per month. These patients would greatly benefit from safe and effective migraine prevention treatments. Tuliv Migraine Defense has been and continues to be an important part in the prevention of migraine headaches.

    Tuliv Migraine Defense is the only anti-migraine product that builds a natural defense system in the body to help prevent migraines.

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