Frequently Asked Questions

At Tuliv, it is our mission to help you live migraine-free and enjoy life without being sidelined by headache pain. We believe it is important to understand your migraines and your treatment options fully in order to make an informed decision about your health. For this reason, we offer free migraine consulting services - just contact us to visit with a migraine specialist. We encourage you to contact us with your questions about migraines and Tuliv Migraine Defense, the migraine solution.

For your convenience, we provide here the answers to many of the frequently asked questions about migraines and Tuliv Migraine Defense. 

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1. Can I use a triptan drug while I am taking Tuliv Migraine Defense?
2. Do I need a prescription for Tuliv Migraine Defense?
3. How do I take Tuliv Migraine Defense?
4. How long must I take Tuliv Migraine Defense?
5. How will I know when Tuliv Migraine Defense is starting to work?
6. Is Tuliv Migraine Defense approved by the FDA?
7. is Tuliv Migraine Defense different from prescription drugs?
8. Is Tuliv Migraine Defense only for women?
9. Is Tuliv Migraine Defense safe for children suffering from migraines?
10. Must I stop taking Topamax® or other such drugs in order to try Tuliv Migraine Defense?
11. What is Tuliv Migraine Defense?
12. When will I see results?
13. Where is Tuliv Migraine Defense made?
14. Who should not take Tuliv Migraine Defense?
15. Will Tuliv Migraine Defense completely eliminate my headaches?
16. Will Tuliv Migraine Defense interfere with other medications?

Still Have Questions?

If you have any additional questions about migraines or any of our products, please call us toll free at 1-866-367-5953 or for email response contact a migraine specialist. We do not use automated operators, and you will be connected directly with a live consultant. All calls are held confidential. There is no cost or obligation for your call, and we will not pressure you to buy our products.

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