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Tuliv Migraine Defense has a very high rate of success when taken as directed.  Since each person is different, we have created a list of migraine events that will help you know that Tuliv Migraine Defense is right for you. 

If you score 65% or more, you should place your order at this time with the confidence that Tuliv MD will work for you with our money-back guarantee.

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An untreated headache can last three hours or more


I have more than 5 headaches per month


Other family members (parent, grandparent, aunt, siblings, children) get or have had migraines

My headaches respond to abortive type medications such as Relpax, Imitrex, Maxalt, etc.


I am Female


I am Male


Female having or have had headaches around time of period


Sometimes I wake in early morning hours (i.e. 4AM) with a headache


My migraine problems originally started before the age of 20


Tuliv Migraine Defense rate of success is twice that of Topamax and 15 times greater than Botox
  • Topamax has approximately 37% chance of success according to reports presented to FDA. (See Topamax Studies) Tuliv Migraine Defense has a much higher rate of success (see your expected results above). 
  • Botox has less than a 5% chance of success according to 27 independent studies as reported by Journal of the American Medical Association. Read more at Botox Results, whereas Tuliv Migraine Defense provides you with a money-back guarantee that it will work for you.

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