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Tuliv MD Starter Kit

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  • Experience life without headaches!
  • The best way to get started toward a life without migraines is to order a Tuliv MD starter kit.
  • Money Back Guarantee.

The Tuliv Starter Kit includes:
  • Six-Week (45 days) supply of Tuliv Migraine Defense
  • Free three-month (90 days) supply of Tuliv MD Up which improves the performance of Migraine Defense especially during start-up.
  • Tuliv MD Six-Week Diary to track your progress
  • Link to Personalized Migraine Profile where you can let us know of your personal migraine condition and one of our migraine specialist will reply with information and suggestions to help you become migraine-free in the shortest amount of time. This $100 value profile is free and includes unlimited migraine prevention consulting available to you by phone, online, and email.

Why order the starter kit? Migraine Defense, as do many medications and supplements, needs time to get started and build a defense system in the body to be effective. In some cases, Migraine Defense can take up six weeks to become fully effective. For the most part, you should start to see good evidence of it starting to work within the first four or five weeks - early signs are any change in your headache patterns, including less severe, shorter duration, less frequent, etc. Keep in mind that your headaches have been bothering you for years, so please allow a few short weeks for you to experience the new found enjoyment of a life without headaches?

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This Product has Our Money Back Guarantee.

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Safety Warning: Women who are pregnant or lactating should not take Migraine Defense.
Do not take Migraine Defense if you are taking prescription blood thinning medications (this does not include aspirin).
Don't spend another day suffering from the pain of a migraine headache. Get your life back. Get started now with our New Maximum Formula Tuliv Migraine Defense Starter Kit.

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