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Six Weeks to Success

A six-week trial period of taking Migraine Defense is recommended for you to experience its full potential. During this time you are encouraged to keep the diary (that is included with the introductory trial package) in order to measure your success.

Measure Your Success We provide you with a six week diary for you to track your progress as you move toward a migraine-free life. During the six weeks we encourage you to call and let us know how you are doing. At the end of the fourth and sixth weeks, do an evaluation with us.

Weeks One and Two: 
During the first two weeks Migraine Defense is building up in your body to protect you against migraines. Although you may start to see signs of its effectiveness, be patient.

Weeks Three and Four:
Weeks three and four are the times when you begin to realize that Migraine Defense is working to reduce and prevent your migraines.

Weeks Five and Six: 
This is the time when you recognize the changes you are experiencing are real and what a wonderful difference Migraine Defense is making in your life.

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