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    Years of Service to Migraineurs

    My name is Lyle Henry and when I first met Eileen over 25 years ago in a karate class, I didn't realize she suffered from chronic migraines. Eileen, like millions of others who are afflicted with migraines, had no visible outward signs of the debilitating condition that could strike at any time.

    For as much as the migraineur suffers, those around him or her often feel useless in their efforts to try to help. Having always been one who worked to make life better for others, I wanted desperately to try to find help for Eileen's headaches.

    Throughout the years we sought out many headache specialists including neurologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, anesthesiologists, as well as homeopaths and naturalists in the hopes of ending my wife's migraines.

    Under her doctor's care, Eileen was an early recipient of many migraine medications such as Imitrex. She was also given many experimental drugs for migraines including Topamax, Lamictal, Dilantin, Parlodil, Depakote, Sansert, and Requip, some of which nearly cost her life.

    In May of 2000 just after spending several days at a prominent headache specialty clinic without learning anything more than we already knew, I promised Eileen to dedicate my full time and resources to discovering what causes migraines and then work toward the development a solution to end  the migraines that had plagued her for more than forty years.

    Years of analytical research had taught me how to discover the cause of a problem. Instead of trying to figure out the pain in the head, my approach was to diagram the mechanics of a migraine in order to determine how they could be prevented. What I produced has become a pathway for many researchers developing new drugs and methods to prevent the synthesis of the chemicals that cause migraines.

    With the help of a Harvard Medical School researcher the natural formula for what would become Tuliv Migraine Defense was developed to achieve the above stated process for migraine prevention.

    In early 2004 Eileen started taking our nutraceutical formula Tuliv Migraine Defense.  In order to trial our formula, Eileen agreed to keep a daily record and found that within two weeks of starting Migraine Defense she was already marking days where she felt no pain, didn't use any triptans, and could function in what was long forgotten as normal.

    By the end of February 2004, Eileen announced she had gone a full week without a migraine. Not only was that the first week without a migraine, it turned out to be the end of her migraines - forever. Since February of 2004 Eileen has taken Migraine Defense daily and has never had another migraine - ever.

    In the fall of 2004 after finding the formula produced the same successful migraine prevention in dozens of trials with other migraineurs, Eileen convinced me to expand our mission to help all migraineurs in need.  Since then we have been fortunate to have helped thousands of men, women and children overcome the problems of migraines through our migraine consulting and migraine products.

    Today there are hundreds that have stayed migraine-free for more than half a decade thanks to Migraine Defense. I can happily look back to the young girl who had to leave high school because of her migraines and whose mother came to us for help. We stopped and prevented her migraines with Migraine Defense so she could return to school and this year she will graduate from college with honors.

    I also remember the tears of joy from the mother of three who was able to overcome her migraines with Migraine Defense and renew her relationship in providing care for her children. The testimonies of those who have found relief through our products and services and are now living migraine-free lives is our greatest reward.

    We are just as happy when we can find a solution that does not require Migraine Defense. For example, last month a mother of a young man called after Topamax had been prescribed by their doctor on his visit. After asking my routine questions and exchanging information via emails, I came to the conclusion that his problem was actually caused by a protein drink that contained L-tyramine he was using in large quantities and suggested he stop.  Two weeks later I received a progress report and am happy to tell you that he is cured of his longer suffering from headaches as a result of following my suggestion. He didn't need Topamax or even our product.

    What he needed was someone with a real knowledge of migraines to ask the right questions and listen well for clues that led to a solution.

    We have never charged for online or telephone consulting and are happy to give our help freely.

    Our goal is simply to help as many people as possible to live a better life - hence the name Tuliv - pronounced "to live". To achieve that goal and help those who suffer from migraines, we ask your help to let others know who we are and of our services.

    Everyone knows someone who suffers from migraines. Let them know they can find help at www.Tuliv.com or by calling 1-866-367-5953. We are here to help.

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