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    Why Did I Stop My Migraine Prevention

    Each day I need to stretch to feel good and keep my body from hurting. I know this, but the better I feel the less I seem to work at it until I start hurting again. Then I ask myself, "Why did I stop?"

    We get phone calls and emails each week from people who had been successfully using the Migraine Defense product to prevent migraines and then for some reason stopped taking it. They ask the same question, "Why did I stop?"

    In some cases they will mention that their doctor wanted them to try something else and they did. And even though it didn't work they continued with their doctor's advice for several months all the while hurting. We all need to realize that our doctor is in business and often demands loyalty of his or her customers, i.e. patients. To be sure, the medical profession is a for profit business that makes money by seeing customers, and the more you hurt the more often you visit and pay.

    In other cases, sometimes people feel so good while taking Migraine Defense they just forget to reorder while the residual effect keeps them migraine free for a time. After that their head starts hurting once again because they are no longer taking Migraine Defense. They reorder and soon feel good again. It is like me and my stretching exercises.

    Then there are some cases where Migraine Defense seemed to stop working as well as it once did. This can happen as the body changes for various reasons that alter the migraine syndrome and therefore the effectiveness of Migraine Defense. Generally we have found that by making adjustments to the dosage (up or down) or by adding a supplement we can once again bring things back in sync to provide the utmost in migraine prevention.

    Other factors may also contribute to a change in your migraine pattern. You should look for changes in medications, foods, drinks such as protein or energy, diet supplements and health fads such as probiotics, and exercise programs. Changes in jobs, relationships, locations, or events may be causing stress which produces a hormonal change in the body. A person's age is also a good indicator as to how the body produces hormones that do affect migraines. We will gladly help you isolate the problem when you call or email.

    If you are experiencing any headaches, we encourage you to print and use our migraine diary making special note of the time of day as well as the level of pain for each incident to help determine the cause. Our research has demonstrated that one of the most important factors in revealing a trigger is the time of the day and day of the month when a migraine occurs.

    Since our goal is to help a person become migraine-free, we offer free migraine consulting to anyone who wishes to discuss his or her migraines. Our purpose is not to sell products; rather it is to serve the community of migraine sufferers. We know what it was like to feel alone in the struggle with migraines and we want to offer our help to you.

    The bottom line is we want to help you have a migraine-free life. If you were taking Migraine Defense at one time, reorder right now and start feeling good again.

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