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    What You Can Do To Prevent Migraines

    There are basically three ways to reduce the number of migraine occurrences: 1. avoid triggers, 2. take something to help prevent migraines, 3. grow older.

    Although we all resolve to grow older, it may not be practical to believe that your migraines will stop this year unless you have completed menopause, and then there is still no guarantee.

    When it comes to the first and second option, the first should be understood well.

    Migraine triggers can be classified as external and internal. External triggers are those things that are normally outside of your body, while internal are the natural changes in your body that cause a migraine.

    Determining what is triggering your migraine can be tricky. Understanding how a trigger works can help. Most headaches are actually triggered by an increase in tyramine and/or nitric oxide in the body.

    Some triggers work very quickly, MSG for example, whereas others change during digestion to cause the problem, for instance, eating yogurt or cheese which turns into nitric oxide. 

    Preventatives. Option number two, taking something to help prevent migraines, is the only option for many people when it comes to managing migraines. The choice of what to take becomes a matter of what you feel works best for you and what the consequences are of taking it.

    Today many doctors are prescribing Topamax without much concern for the safety of the patient as to both short and long term side effects of this drug. Only a few years ago this option was considered one of "last resort" and tried only after all else failed. The long term effects of kidney stones, possible vision damage and other consequences may not be fully disclosed by the doctor when prescribing this drug, but certainly should be considered by anyone willing to try this drug prior to exhausting other alternatives.

    Measuring Success or Failure. How do you know a migraine preventive will work for you? Although there is never a complete way of knowing without trying it, there are some rules we use before recommending our Tuliv Migraine Defense product for the prevention of migraines.

    Knowing that there is a hereditary connection, now proven by "migraine genes", found in the DNA of those prone to migraines, we first want to determine if there is a family history of migraines.

    At Tuliv, we are well versed through ten years of extensive migraine research studies as to how hormones cause migraines throughout one's life (see migraine patterns). Knowing this, we ask questions that help determine the extent to which hormones are involved for each person.

    These questions include, did the migraines start at puberty, are headaches worse during certain times of the menstrual cycle, and have the migraines gotten worse as the person approaches 45, as well as other questions that determine a hormonal pattern. Answers to these questions help to define the best course of action for this person to take to achieve a migraine-free life.

    Measuring success is the most important thing a person can do when trying a drug or any product. Evidence is what you need. In the case of Migraine Defense, we supply a diary to track your progress and measure the results. When you see evidence of a positive change, then you can be assured that you should achieve very good results as you continue. Click here to print copy of diary.

    Stay With It. Keep in mind that most resolutions fail because the person does not continue until the goal is reached. There is no quick cure for migraines. In order to have a migraine-free life with the Migraine Defense product, you must be consistent in taking it to prevent your migraines.

    The migraine experts at Tuliv want to help you become migraine-free.. Call us for free consultation and we resolve to help you with your migraine problem in a manner that is best for you. Call toll free 1-866-367-5953 or contact us online.

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