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    Is it a Tension Headache or a Migraine or both?

    The best way to get started on ending your migraine suffering is to order the complete Tuliv Migraine Defense Starter Kit.

    When your head is hurting and you are in pain, does it matter to you what type of a headache you are having? Perhaps not at the time when you are in pain, but later when you ask why do I get these and what can I to make them stop happening, you will want to find the right solution to fix the problem.

    Although the symptoms of a simple tension headache can be very similar to migraine, the location and intensity of the pain may differ as well as variations of other symptoms. For example, a simple tension headache may be more of a dull aching head pain along with a sensation of tightness, whereas a migraine may be accompanied with visual disturbances, nausea or vomiting.

    Tension headaches can be difficult to distinguish from migraines, not to mention that tension can bring on a migraine. A person can suffer from both simple tension headaches and migraines. In other words, a person with migraines can get a non-migraine headache just like other people do.

    Most tension triggered migraines actually occur after the stress has passed, for instance, a migraine may come on later in the day or on weekends. This happens because these migraines are also caused by hormone changes in the body, in this case, cortisol and serotonin. Cortisol is used by the body to fight stress and after the stress passes, the unused excess breaks down and releases chemicals that activate the migraine syndrome. This process can take one to several hours to complete and therefore there is a delay between the stress and the actual time of the migraine.

    In formulating the Tuliv Migraine Defense product for the prevention of migraines, many factors were considered including, how to combat tension triggered migraines. The Migraine Defense formula has ingredients to target the stress factors of migraines.  However, as noted above, not all of the headaches even a migraineur gets can be classified as migraines and therefore, a person can still get some headaches outside of the reach of Tuliv Migraine Defense.

    Our goal at Tuliv is to do everything we can to stop every type of headache for you. When Tuliv Migraine Defense alone is not able to do this alone or when the headaches are not necessarily migraines, then we suggest you take one or another or both of two additional supplements that we have created to help minimize headache problems.

    A report in the medical journal, Headache, suggests that supplementation with 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) may be an effective means for reducing the frequency of tension-type headaches because of its effect on the neurotransmitters involved in the migraine headache syndrome. Consequently, neurotransmitters and their receptors have long been the specific targets of compounds designed to ease the pain of headache. One study found that taking 5-HTP, reduced the number of days with headache by 55.1% when compared with only 27.2% taking a placebo in the control group. 

    Whether or not you are now taking Tuliv Migraine Defense or about to order a Migraine Defense Starter Kit , please read through these products and order the ones that apply to you.

    Tuliv 5-HTP
    Tension and persistent migraines result from hormone changes in the body. Tuliv 5-HTP provides help for these headaches by regulating/increasing the serotonin level in the body. Tuliv 5-HTP can be taken daily by itself or along with Tuliv Migraine Defense to help prevent persistent low grade headaches. See cautions for use with anti-depressants.
    Qty: 90 Capsules Bottle: $15.95 More Info

    Tuliv T’Ease EPO
    Relief for the body aches and pains that accompany and linger after tension and migraine headaches especially in the neck and shoulders can be achieved with Tuliv T’Ease EPO. Tuliv T’Ease EPO produces natural anti-inflammatory agents in the body that can reduce these discomforts and may also be used for other conditions including fibromyalgia. Tuliv T’Ease EPO is to be taken daily by itself or for use along with Tuliv Migraine Defense or other migraine products.
    Qty: 100 Softgels Bottle: $8.95 More Info

    Tuliv MD Up
    Many studies have shown the positive benefits of folic acid in fighting headache and in particular migraines. Tuliv Migraine Defense contains this ingredient for this reason. Tuliv MD Up is an excellent source of folic acid. We recommend Tuliv MD Up not only to those taking Tuliv Migraine Defense to increase its potency, but also alone to anyone suffering from simple tension headaches.
    Qty: 250 Tablets Bottle:$5.95 More Info

    Tuliv T’Nite Melatonin
    Getting a good night’s rest is essential in fighting headaches. Tuliv T’Nite is a melatonin supplement you take right before bed to help you sleep. It helps prevent early morning headaches that generally start around 4 AM.
    Qty: 100 Tablets  Bottle: $6.95 More Info


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