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    Stroke - The Hidden Danger of Migraines

    Recently in the news we have read about strokes, brain lesions, and even obesity being attributed to migraines. A few years ago, many saw Serene Branson suffer live on TV from what was first thought to be a stroke and then later confirmed as a migraine - most likely a familial hemiplegic migraine.

    Each year, nearly 800,000 people in the United States have a stroke, which is the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. The latest findings published in the American Journal of Medicine, which combined the results of 21 previous studies, confirms a connection between migraines and ischemic stroke -- the most common form of stroke, occurring when a clot disrupts blood flow to the brain.

    Across the studies it was found that migraine sufferers at any age were about twice as likely to suffer an ischemic stroke as people without migraines. Anyone who suffers from migraines should be seeking safe and effective ways to prevent migraines in order to reduce the risk of suffering a stroke.

    What is also alarming about the study reported by Dr. Saman Nazarian, the senior researcher and an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, is that the hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may actually be adding to the possibility of having a stroke. In addition, when hormones that are commonly prescribed as a migraine treatment, either as birth control pills (including ring and patch) or as progesterone and estrogen supplementation, carry the same risks for causing strokes.

    In addition to the risk of stroke caused by migraines and HRT treatments for migraines, there is new evidence that makes a connection between stroke and migraines. The risks of HRT are too high to be ignored. The challenge one faces after a stroke are life changing and alter normal activities including driving, employment, parenting young children, and often means a dramatic change in personal relationships.

    In selecting the best method of migraine prevention, one should always consider what the consequences of taking certain preventives are and if possible, avoid those that may cause other damage to the body or brain. Topamax, for example, can cause serious side effects including kidney stones, birth defects, eye problems, vision loss, suicide attempts, bone disease, and memory loss according to the PRESCRIBING INFORMATION provided by Topamax.

    As a migraineur you eventually deal with three major issues: 

    1. The migraine, associated pain, and related problems,
    2. Physical changes and conditions that can result from prolonged migraines, i.e. higher risk for strokes and brain lesions,
    3. Dangerous risks and damage caused by pharmaceuticals (including HRT) used in attempts to prevent migraines.

    Granted, as any migraineur that suffers the pain of migraines, the first objective and ultimate desire is to stop the headache pain from reoccurring and many are willing to risk the problems from associated pharmaceutical treatments. Or as my wife Eileen used to say prior to the discovery of Migraine Defense, "I need to get vertical and will worry about the consequences later."

    Fortunately for Eileen and others like her who now take Migraine Defense for migraine prevention, she is safe from the problems associated with migraine drugs and has lowered her risk for stroke while living a migraine-free life.

    One additional point, I would like to remind everyone that no matter what treatment you seek, you should also stay abreast of how migraines form and what can trigger them. Be aware that many prescription drugs, health foods and drinks, and things like probiotics, can also be major factors in contributing to migraines.

    A change in your migraine pattern could indicate that you have introduced something new into your system or your body's age is becoming a factor. For this reason, we make ourselves available to you by phone and email to answer your migraine questions. There is currently no cost or obligation for consultation.

    Everyone knows someone who suffers from migraines and may be at risk for stoke. Please tell them they can find help at www.Tuliv.com and by calling 1-866-367-5953.

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