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    MSM can cause Headaches.

    MSM.  The MSM you are taking may be giving you headaches.

    MSM is generally part of a Glucosamine and MSM supplement used for joint pain and osteoporosis.

    A blog reader writes:

    "I have been taking MSM capsules for about ten 10 days and last week started having horrible headaches that no medicine has helped - not even my migraine medication. Although I stopped taking MSM a few days ago, this new type of headache has continued."

    Lyle Henry response: This can be a real problem as it may take some time to get those MSM headaches to stop. Migraine medications do not work on those headaches and it may be hard to distinguish on the onset of each headache as to which type it is.

    And still another says:

    "I suffer from migraines and I found that the joint supplement Glucosamine and MSM made things worse. I didn't make the connection at first and thought my migraines were increasing."

    Lyle Henry response: Those who suffer from migraines, often fail to realize when they are getting headaches outside of the pattern of their migraine syndrome. This can lead to thinking that perhaps their medication or their preventive supplement is not working and discontinuing its use.

    What is MSM? MSM (METHYLSULFONYLMETHANE) is a chemical found in plants, animals, and humans which is also be made in a laboratory. Although it is generally found in formulas for joint pain, it is sold for all types of remedies including everything from hair loss to mood disorders, from Alzheimer's to cancer, and even to stop snoring.

    The intent of this article is not to discredit the value of MSM, rather, it is to draw attention to a very painful side effect, especially for migraineurs, that it frequently causes headaches.  In addition, the glucosamine often combined with MSM also has a listed side effect of headaches. 

    Everyone who suffers from migraines knows that triggers can aggravate the problem. What is different about certain products such as MSM is that they can cause headaches in people who do not suffer from migraines. This compounds the problem for the migraineur because it can be difficult to distinguish the types of headaches.

    For example, a person who gets genetic based hormone related migraines, (both men and women), have headaches that are part of a pattern associated with the migraine syndrome. When that person starts getting headaches from MSM or another supplement, they may not readily recognize that these headaches are actually apart from their migraines and think they are having another migraine.

    Because these other types of headache do not respond to migraine abortive medications, such as triptans like Imitrex or Maxalt, the person cannot figure out why it is not helping. Since most doctors don't always ask pertinent questions about the change in headache patterns or what else may be contributing to the problem, most patients are merely discharged with a new prescription for something else that won't work either.

    To make matters worse, migraine preventives, such a Tuliv Migraine Defense, may not be able to control the "MSM" type of headaches because they are outside of the realm of the migraine syndrome for which it is designed to work. This can be frustrating and wearisome for the patient, when he or she thinks the product is no longer working. In the case of Tuliv Migraine Defense, it is continuing to work fine for what it is designed to do.

    Here is the answer. The solution to the overall problem is actually rather simple. When you start to get unusual headaches, stop and look back over the past 7 to 10 days and see what has changed. Ask yourself, am I taking any new supplement or medications, including prescription drug, many of which have headaches listed as side effects? Have I changed my daily routine, started an exercise programs, Is there new stress in my life?

    We can help. It is surprising how often we ask a person what has changed and they answer, "nothing has changed." Then as we start to ask more specific questions about things that can change, 95% of the time something is revealed. The point is we don't always think of things when we self examine, but when prompted the answer generally comes out.

    Call us, we can help you. Our number is 866-367-5953. Or email us at and tell us what is happening. We will personally reply and may include a list of questions that will help us determine what is going on with the change in your migraine pattern and what will help you get back on the road to a migraine free life.  

    Our services are always free with no obligation to purchase anything. You don't even have to be a client to ask for our help. We will gladly do whatever we can for you.

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