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    Menstrual Migraines - That Time of Month

    For many years migraine researchers have known there is a hormone connection to migraines in men, women, and children. The more precise cause of migraines may be seen as a change in specific neurochemicals that are released during phases of hormone production. It is easier to see the hormonal cause of migraines in women than in men because of the monthly menstrual cycle of women, even though the principle and hormones are exactly the same for men and women.

    Menstrual cycles are actually controlled by the pituitary gland through the messenger hormones LH and FSH. If you have been reading my research, you may recall these are the hormones that are received by the cells that contain the migraine gene that gets involved in the production of a neurochemical that starts the migraine attack.

    It is during the times when these hormones are at their highs and lows that most migraines occur. To say that estrogen or progesterone is the cause of a migraine is a misunderstanding of the effect of hormones on migraines. This misunderstanding has led to the over prescribing of additional hormones as a treatment for migraines, which seldom provides a stable solution and can lead to other problems in the body. We can readily see the adverse effect of hormones on migraine when we realize that birth control pills, which are hormones, generally cause more migraine headaches.

    Understanding how hormones are involved in migraines and their effect on migraine patterns provided the insight needed for the development of Tuliv Migraine Defense, the first and only migraine preventive that addresses the natural cause of migraines.

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