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    Making Migraine Prevention a Priority

    Every day we speak to people who have an earnest desire to rid themselves of the plague of migraines. They tell us of their history of migraines and how they continue to suffer from migraines. Many of these are people we are speaking to for the first time. At times we get a phone call or email from a customer who is taking Migraine Defense and yet is still, on occasion, getting a migraine.

    "What is causing me to get migraine headaches?" is the question most frequently asked directly or indirectly. In other words, people want to know what is causing their migraines.

    First and foremost we must point to the DNA makeup and the inherited migraine gene as the reason you are prone to get migraines. Second to that, is the relationship between hormone changes in the body and the occurrences of migraines for both women and men.

    The third factor involved in migraines is much more complex than that of the first two as it involves what we commonly refer to as triggers. Triggers are things that can start a migraine. Triggers are also the things that need to be identified and then avoided.

    What we need to address is not so much a list of triggers, rather the attitude toward triggers. Many people know what some of their triggers are and yet pay little or no attention to them. A man once told me that he got a migraine headache every time he ate onions and asked me what he could do about it. When I told him the obvious - "Don't eat onions" - he refused to accept my suggestion because he liked to eat onions.

    Believe it or not, in our migraine treatment practice, we talk to people every day who tell us virtually the same thing - not about onions - but about something else they don't want to change even though we explain to them that it may be a contributing factor in their migraines.

    Migraine triggering productsWhen consulting with a migraineur we try to find out more about his or her diet, what supplements are used including hormone replacement therapy, and other information about life style. We often hear about the use of products with claims to make a person feel better, look better, have more energy, live longer, increase vitality, and sexual enhancement. Alarmingly, many of these products, cleansers, foods, lotions, and supplements can be the trigger for a migraine.

    We are not saying these various products are bad for the general population, what we are saying is that your body as a migraineur reacts differently. What may be fine for your best friend, spouse, neighbor, or relative may be bad for you. Advice from a naturalist, supplement suppliers, and those who sell those special juices, may be causing you to suffer.

    As I mentioned, our days are filled with helping people understand the complexities of migraines and how life style can influence the occurrences of migraines. And yet even after we explain that a product may be triggering a person's migraines, we hear all kinds of reasons as to why he or she feels the compelling need to continue to take the product, including, "I read this was good for women my age, my friend takes it all the time, my naturalist recommended it, I sell it, I think it is doing something for me, I need to cleanse my colon, I'm on this special diet, and I found it in a health food store so it must be okay."

    This is the point where I ask the question, "What is your priority?"

    If not having migraines is your first priority, then stop doing the things that make the situation worse. Don't do something that may make your head hurt - no matter what the reason. Your head must be your first priority.

    It is not always easy to discover that what you may be doing is contributing to the occurrence of your migraines. That is why we offer you, without cost, our migraine consulting and guidance service to help you get control of your migraines. Generally, at the end of a 10 or 15 minute phone conversation, you will have a fairly good idea of what you could do to improve your situation. You don't have to be a current customer to call us.

    Migraine Defense is designed to work by building a defense against internal migraine conditions and some of the external triggers. A migraine-free summer is still within your reach and right now is the best time to order Migraine Defense.

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