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    Chronic Daily Migraines

    Chronic migraine headaches, also called persistent daily headaches or chronic transformed migraines, generally occur on a daily basis and can even appear as a continuous headache that may vary in the intensity of the pain during a 24-hour period. Basically, a chronic migraine presents a continuous headache battle for the person.

    Since these types of headaches start as episodic migraines and progress in frequency and severity over time they are most often seen in individuals who are over the age of 35 (see migraine stages for more information) although they can certainly be a problem at any age.

    The term persistent or transformed migraine is still used by the medical profession to refer to chronic headaches that have transformed into migraines that no longer respond to medications or cannot be helped by traditional medical practices. Until the research studies conducted by Tuliv and the advent of the Tuliv Migraine Defense products, many believed that transformed migraines could not be prevented.

    Chronic and transformed migraines account for about 70% of the types of headaches of individuals helped by Tuliv programs. Tuliv Migraine Defense was originally developed for the purpose of stopping and preventing chronic daily migraines and continues to be the most effective and by far the healthiest migraine prevention medication for anyone suffering from migraines.

    Don't Just Fight Chronic Migraines

    Tuliv Migraine Defense Taken Daily Helps Prevent Chronic Migraines

    Your answer to migraine prevention is Tuliv Migraine Defense. Unlike the multitude of medications for the temporary relief of migraine headaches, Tuliv Migraine Defense was developed for the prevention of migraines. There is no reason for you to continue to suffer from migraines when you can order Tuliv Migraine Defense today with a money back guarantee.

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