VR/MS Mark S. - Virginia Beach, VA

This week will mark my fourth week using Migraine Defense (MD). The results leave me speechless. For the last three weeks that I have taken MD, I have suffered only one migraine and one headache. Normally, I suffer headaches every day, and several migraines each week.

I have been going to the local Naval Hospital Neurology Dept. (I am retired Navy) for the last four years, had all sorts of blood work, MRI's, CAT scans, drugs, acupuncture, all to no effect nor determination of root cause for my malady.

The most recent drug prescribed to me was Topamax this past January. It came with a dozen very unpleasant side effects after just one week, and I stopped taking it - causing two days of withdrawal migraines. Then somehow, I literally stumbled across your website. It made more sense than anything any doctor had ever told me and thought I would give your Migraine Defense a try.

The results were noticeable in just the first two weeks, and honestly do not know what to say. I am so very grateful, and though the data is still in its early stages (again, this being week 4), I will continue taking Migraine Defense to live a life without migraines.

I remain truly grateful for your product. Nothing - and I mean nothing - has worked, until now. Thanks so much!