Migraine Defense Saved My Sister's Life

You may not remember me, but I called you five weeks ago about my sister Meg. Meg had not worked in three years because of her migraines and is on disability because of them.

My husband and I have been helping her. When she was seventeen she started having migraines that turned into daily headaches when she was about 28. She has been to so many doctors and clinics and none of them has ever helped her. I think the drugs they gave her did more damage than good.

When we called you, it was like for the first time there was someone who was actually listening. You understood and cared.

Today is day 21 that my sister has not had a headache. No more migraine headaches. I cannot believe how much she has already changed. She is smiling again and even laughing. We have been praying each day thanking God and wanted to let you know.

Thank you for loving your wife so much to find a cure for her. Thank you more for sharing it. God bless you.