Migraine Defense Restored My Life.

Migraine Defense has become an essential component of my daily migraine regime or should I say "no-migraine" regime. Without it, I would experience non-stop, chronic head pain and much more frequent and severe migraines. I know Migraine Defense is responsible for this huge improvement in my life because I stopped using it for several weeks to see what would happen and my constant debilitating head pain returned along with my more severe migraine attacks.With Migraine Defense I am able to participate in my life fully again. My daily pain is gone and my migraines are reduced to once or twice a month and are easily treated with triptan medication. I'm able to work a part-time job that I love. I can meet my social and family obligations without fear of having to cancel at the last minute. I can be there for my daughter when she needs me, rather than my depending on her while I lie in the dark in the grip of pain. Recently my husband and I started ballroom dance lessons, something I couldn't even imagine doing a year ago. We just participated in a public showcase and now plan to enter a dance competition.

For a life-long sufferer of migraine whose condition had gradually devolved into one of chronic pain, ranging from somewhat debilitating to soul destroying, this is a pretty heady stuff (sorry for the pun). Migraine Defense has proven itself to be life restoring for me. - Sincerely,