Summer Heat Trigger Migraines

Heat and Sun 

Many people who suffer from migraines are affected by heat especially after being outside on sunny days. When we investigated why heat and sun trigger migraines, we found that the body produces more nitric oxide to expand blood vessels. Nitric oxide is the "enemy in action" for causing migraines. Staying cool and avoiding the sun on hot days can help prevent heat related migraines.

 Hats on Sunny DaysOn hot sunny days, a hat with a brim can be very helpful. Hats are in fashion today, but even if you are the only one wearing one - you will look and be cool. Staying out of the sun completely may be the best solution.

You can also get a "cooling" pack or scarf for your neck that helps keep your temperature down.

Tanning. Be aware that some tanning lotions, especially those that are self tanning products, may contain ingredients that, when absorbed through the skin, will trigger a migraine headache and quickly spoil your day. Learn more about what tanning products are safe for migraineurs.

If you are going out of town, be sure to pack your Tuliv Migraine Defense and other wellness products so you can enjoy every day of your vacation or trip without the fear of a migraine.

Have fun this summer and avoid conditions that may trigger headaches.

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