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    Migraine Defense Instructions

    Tuliv Migraine Defense Instructions for Success

    Tuliv Migraine Defense works as a preventive and must be taken each day to be continuously effective. The following guide will help you realize your goal of being free of migraines.

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    Guide for the best results from taking Tuliv Migraine Defense

    1. Take the proper amount each day according to the Recommended Daily Dosage see chart below.
    2. Weeks 1-2. Be patient. Migraine Defense (MD) is designed to build a defense against the natural cause of migraine that is in your body and this initially takes a couple of weeks to get established before you may notice signs of it working to prevent your migraines.
    3. Weeks 3-4. This is the time when you may see early signs of Migraine Defense working in your system, so start looking for positive changes to your migraine pattern, including:
      • Less severe headaches
      • Headache of shorter duration
      • Your headache medications working better and faster
      • It may feel like a headache is forming but doesn't happen.

    4. Weeks 5-6. You should now be noticing more indications that Migraine Defense has started to work for you, including:
      • You are using less migraine medications
      • Headache is not happening on days you might have expected one
      • Your headaches are shorter, milder, and easier to get rid of with OTC medications
      • Your headaches have stopped completely.

    5. Re-order Migraine Defense if you have any of the positive signs above that show the product is working for you, even if you are not migraine-free. These signs are very good indications that you will continue to improve toward a migraine-free life as long as you continue to take Tuliv Migraine Defense. It is important to take MD every day, so try to never run out.
    6. You may want to save money by getting on our Automatic Re-order Plan. There is no obligation and you can stop anytime. Any unopened bottles of Migraine Defense or any other Tuliv product can always be returned for full refund.
    7. Call 1-866-367-5953 or send an email to whenever you have a question.
    8. Recommended Daily Dosage It is important to use the proper amount initially to get the best results.
    9. If you didn’t order enough for six weeks, call to order and get it shipped free.

    Weight  Capsules Per Day   Bottles for Six Week   Bottles for Six Week 
    60 – 90 (27 - 40 kg) 4 22 2
    91 – 160 (41 - 72 kg) 6 15 3
    161– 210+ (73– 95+ kg) 8 11 4

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