Vitex agnus castus (Vitex)

Vitex Agnus Castus Extract 

Medical use of Vitex agnus castus dates back to 450 BC when Hippocrates suggested it be used to treat inflammation.

Today many scientific studies confirmed the use of Vitex agnus castus for a variety of hormone related conditions. These studies have demonstrated improvement by modulating hormone ratios by way of implying action on the hypothalamic-pituitary axis with the reported beneficial effects do include reduction of migraine headaches.

As a person ages, he or she is prone to hormone imbalance due to excessive prolactin secretion from the pituitary gland. In women especially, prolactin interferes with the beneficial effect of estrogen and may promote the development of estrogen-induced cancers. 

Tuliv research has demonstrated the connection between pituitary secretion and the incident of migraine. Therefore, management of prolactin secretion may be defensive support for migraine sufferers which is one of the reasons it is an important ingredient of Migraine Defense.

Milewicz et al. (1993) noted that vitex agnus castus extract (vitex) suppressed excessive prolactin secretion and promoted natural progesterone synthesis over a 3-month period with no side effects. Vitex acts on the pituitary gland to decrease prolactin secretion. This increases progesterone production because excess prolactin suppresses progesterone.
Notice: Not for use by pregnant or lactating women.